Whirligigs at Night - A short film

Wilson's Wonderful Whimsical Whirligigs are certainly enchanting. Born from the mind of the late Vollis Simpson, they have both entertained and frightened passers-by.

A somewhat suburban legend was created explaining that Simpson built the whirligigs in response to a recurring dream in which his dead daughter kept sending him nightly.

His daughter, supposedly killed in a vehicle crash under the influence of LSD, communicated her visions to her father through these dreams, which Simpson attempted to create at the crash site, which was named Acid Park.

Of course, this is just legend, as Simpson's daughter is alive and well and never drove under the influence of the mind altering drug.

Now his art is hosted in downtown Wilson, North Carolina at the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park. While it is certainly encouraged to visit during the day, the night shows just how these mesmerizing contraptions come to life, playing with shadows and light; color and motion.

Be sure to visit www.HistoricDowntownWilson.com and www.WilsonWhirligigPark.org to plan your experience.

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