Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception by William Howard

The name is a sentence full. It deserves a name such as that. It is the second largest in North America and largest in the United States. It is perhaps the most beautiful building I have ever been in.

In my nearly three years of being a full-time photographer, I have now been to the Basilica five times. And yes, I am planning on going once again very soon for a follow-up visit to this one. My primary goal on this visit was to catch an image of the Trinity Dome. I had already taken photographs framing two of the other domes, the Incarnation Dome and the Redemption Dome. The Trinity Dome has been under construction for some time and finished late in 2017.

I took the liberty to add my own personal tweaks to these images, first turning the image to sepia tone then adjusting the tones to give them the monotone gold that I was looking for. Rather than the typical slide-show, they deserve to be displayed in single imagery, and clicking on them will enlarge the image. I also added a bonus shot of one of the arches near the Trinity Dome.

The Incarnation Dome

The Redemption Dome

The Trinity Dome

Basilica of the Natioinal Shrine of the Imaculate Conception-1.jpg

Sights from New Jersey? Bah, it is basically NYC. by William Howard

Some extra-curricular activities prior to the basketball tourney allowed me to capture a few of these images. The Teardrop Memorial was given by the Russian people in response to 9/11 and the horrors of terrorism. The skyline of New York City was taken from the park in New Jersey where the memorial is located. From this vantage point, you can see Statue of Liberty to the left, the Freedom Tower at the 1/3 mark from the left, and the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges to the right.

2018 ACC Men's Basketball Tournament - day 1 by William Howard

When I was in school, I always dreamed of attending the ACC tourney. At the time, we often watched the first round (on Friday) games in class, and if our class didn't have a television, we had a single ear bud run through the sleeve of our shirt from a transistor radio and would lean on the hand where the ear bud was located so we could hear the games.

Later, in college, I dreamt of one day covering the tourney, but as a writer.

Starting today, this bucket list item is being checked off, and I am seeing the action straight from the baseline as I cover the games throughout the week. Here are some shots from day 1's action.

Louisville v NC State double header....kinda by William Howard

Game 1 - ACC women's tournament. #1 seed Louisville defeated #5 seed NC State 64-59 in a tightly contested matchup in the semi-finals.

Game 2 - Then, I headed from Greensboro to Raleigh to catch the men's teams in the final regular season game. NC State defeated Louisville 76-69 on senior night to finish tied for 3rd place in the conference after being picked 12th in the preseason.

Commercial work by William Howard

I have shared a lot of sports imagery. I enjoy sports and make decent money with it. However, commercial and stock photography supplies the majority of my income. In fact, one of my national clients was responsible for nearly half my income for 2017.

So, today brought a change of pace. I had a commercial job lined up and here are some of the resulting images.

If you are in need of a commercial photographer, of course, contact me. It is what I love to do.

Day 1 of ACC Women's Basketball Tournament by William Howard

Day 1, even though the teams are the bottom of the league, proved to be a great time for those that did attend. UNC defeated Boston College, Georgia Tech defeated Clemson, and Wake defeated Pitt. 

Many of the players I remember from last season's tournament, and there were several photographers that I have shot with multiple times in attendance as well.

Don't ever discount women's basketball. Especially if it is the ACC tournament. It is an incredible experience for sports fans, basketball fans, and yes, even photographers.

2018 ACC Women's Basketball Tournament scheduling by William Howard

Last season I covered the ACC Women's tournament for the first time. Lots of basketball, a multitude of personalities, and some of the best basketball in the nation, regardless of gender. And yes, gender had a lot to do with that tournament as it was moved to South Carolina from North Carolina due to the now infamous 'bathroom law'.

This season, I once again will be on the baseline with camera in hand, and likely a remote camera placed in various locations as well. Unlike last season, I will not be able to cover every game due to other work I have scheduled, but I do have the following games tentatively scheduled:

February 28: UNC/Boston College 1pm, Georgia Tech/Clemson 330pm, Wake Forest/Pittsburgh 630pm.

March 1: Matchup featuring Virginia 6pm, matchup featuring Miami 8pm

March 2: Matchup featuring Duke 11am, matchup featuring Louisville 2pm, matchup featuring Notre Dame 6pm, matchup featuring Florida State 8pm.

March 3: 12pm semifinal game.

March 4: 2pm Championship game.

Attached below are a few from last season's tournament.


NC State knocks off #25 Florida State by William Howard

One of my proudest moments in my photography career was when I was asked to shoot the men's basketball program for North Carolina State University, which so happens to also be my alma mater.

The second-to-last home game of the season saw the #25 ranked Florida State Seminoles come to Raleigh in a battle for positioning in the ACC standings. NC State saw their win streak advance to 4, and defeated their 5th ranked opponent on the season on their way to a tie for 4th in the conference with 2 games to go.

The Wolfpack defeated the 'Noles 92-72.