Another bucket list item checked off - NCAA Tournament by William Howard

I started this career just under three years ago. Since that time I have been to more places and attended more special events than I ever thought I would. If you follow me on social media, particularly Facebook, you will likely know I have mentioned how #blessed I am on numerous occasions.

Friday marked another one of those moments. Not only did I get to attend part of the March Madness with the opening round of the NCAA Tournament in Charlotte, I was able to do so from the baseline with a camera in hand.

Although my team, NC State, lost in Wichita, Kansas the night before (and I didn't travel with them), I was hired by the Kansas State Wildcats to shoot for them for the weekend. In the process I was able to cover the other three games of the day as well. Those included Texas A&M vs Providence, North Carolina Tarheels (#NotOurRival) vs Lipscomb, and Virginia vs UMBC.

Think of this for a moment. I was able to shoot the defending champions (UNC) and the #1 team in the country (UVA) in the same weekend. And...I got to both witness and capture a bit of history with UVa becoming the first #1 seed to ever fall to the #16 seed.

Here are a few shots from the day.

Day 1 of ACC Women's Basketball Tournament by William Howard

Day 1, even though the teams are the bottom of the league, proved to be a great time for those that did attend. UNC defeated Boston College, Georgia Tech defeated Clemson, and Wake defeated Pitt. 

Many of the players I remember from last season's tournament, and there were several photographers that I have shot with multiple times in attendance as well.

Don't ever discount women's basketball. Especially if it is the ACC tournament. It is an incredible experience for sports fans, basketball fans, and yes, even photographers.

2018 ACC Women's Basketball Tournament scheduling by William Howard

Last season I covered the ACC Women's tournament for the first time. Lots of basketball, a multitude of personalities, and some of the best basketball in the nation, regardless of gender. And yes, gender had a lot to do with that tournament as it was moved to South Carolina from North Carolina due to the now infamous 'bathroom law'.

This season, I once again will be on the baseline with camera in hand, and likely a remote camera placed in various locations as well. Unlike last season, I will not be able to cover every game due to other work I have scheduled, but I do have the following games tentatively scheduled:

February 28: UNC/Boston College 1pm, Georgia Tech/Clemson 330pm, Wake Forest/Pittsburgh 630pm.

March 1: Matchup featuring Virginia 6pm, matchup featuring Miami 8pm

March 2: Matchup featuring Duke 11am, matchup featuring Louisville 2pm, matchup featuring Notre Dame 6pm, matchup featuring Florida State 8pm.

March 3: 12pm semifinal game.

March 4: 2pm Championship game.

Attached below are a few from last season's tournament.