Another bucket list item checked off - NCAA Tournament / by William Howard

I started this career just under three years ago. Since that time I have been to more places and attended more special events than I ever thought I would. If you follow me on social media, particularly Facebook, you will likely know I have mentioned how #blessed I am on numerous occasions.

Friday marked another one of those moments. Not only did I get to attend part of the March Madness with the opening round of the NCAA Tournament in Charlotte, I was able to do so from the baseline with a camera in hand.

Although my team, NC State, lost in Wichita, Kansas the night before (and I didn't travel with them), I was hired by the Kansas State Wildcats to shoot for them for the weekend. In the process I was able to cover the other three games of the day as well. Those included Texas A&M vs Providence, North Carolina Tarheels (#NotOurRival) vs Lipscomb, and Virginia vs UMBC.

Think of this for a moment. I was able to shoot the defending champions (UNC) and the #1 team in the country (UVA) in the same weekend. And...I got to both witness and capture a bit of history with UVa becoming the first #1 seed to ever fall to the #16 seed.

Here are a few shots from the day.