Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception / by William Howard

The name is a sentence full. It deserves a name such as that. It is the second largest in North America and largest in the United States. It is perhaps the most beautiful building I have ever been in.

In my nearly three years of being a full-time photographer, I have now been to the Basilica five times. And yes, I am planning on going once again very soon for a follow-up visit to this one. My primary goal on this visit was to catch an image of the Trinity Dome. I had already taken photographs framing two of the other domes, the Incarnation Dome and the Redemption Dome. The Trinity Dome has been under construction for some time and finished late in 2017.

I took the liberty to add my own personal tweaks to these images, first turning the image to sepia tone then adjusting the tones to give them the monotone gold that I was looking for. Rather than the typical slide-show, they deserve to be displayed in single imagery, and clicking on them will enlarge the image. I also added a bonus shot of one of the arches near the Trinity Dome.

The Incarnation Dome

The Redemption Dome

The Trinity Dome

Basilica of the Natioinal Shrine of the Imaculate Conception-1.jpg