2018 ACC Women's Basketball Tournament scheduling / by William Howard

Last season I covered the ACC Women's tournament for the first time. Lots of basketball, a multitude of personalities, and some of the best basketball in the nation, regardless of gender. And yes, gender had a lot to do with that tournament as it was moved to South Carolina from North Carolina due to the now infamous 'bathroom law'.

This season, I once again will be on the baseline with camera in hand, and likely a remote camera placed in various locations as well. Unlike last season, I will not be able to cover every game due to other work I have scheduled, but I do have the following games tentatively scheduled:

February 28: UNC/Boston College 1pm, Georgia Tech/Clemson 330pm, Wake Forest/Pittsburgh 630pm.

March 1: Matchup featuring Virginia 6pm, matchup featuring Miami 8pm

March 2: Matchup featuring Duke 11am, matchup featuring Louisville 2pm, matchup featuring Notre Dame 6pm, matchup featuring Florida State 8pm.

March 3: 12pm semifinal game.

March 4: 2pm Championship game.

Attached below are a few from last season's tournament.